Support and software maintance


The success of the working process is directly dependent from our project management methods. Our cross-functional team working towards a common goal, making successful results. Often, in working process, the needs of our customers become more flexible. The main achievement of our methodology is to respond to any customer changing requirements during the design process.

Depending on the particular challenge, at the beginning of the process we choose one of our methods:
The Waterfall or Agile method.


In this method the process goes through several phases like a waterfall. You have provided the precise requirements and we divide our working process in a start up phase, a planning phase, an execution phase and a closing phase. At the end of the phases as result, you will get a successful product that meets your precise requirements.

Waterfall method


Sometimes you cannot define your requirements at the beginning of the process, or the type of your project requires constant changes during the work. Changes to requirements can easily be carried out with this method, even late in development phase. You are allowed for changing requirements over time.

Agile method